You Get What You Pay For: The Dangers of Self-written or Online Estate Plans

In the age of online do-it-yourself forms and wanting to save money, what are the pros and cons of self-written or online Estate Planning documents versus going to see an Elder Law Attorney? We often have people come in with their 1–3-page Durable Power of Attorney...

Why We Do What We Do

By P. Glen Smith How It All Started Through the little window, I could see her walking down the cinder block hallway on the other side of the steel door.  She was sad, mad, weeping.  At 7 years old, I couldn’t understand why my momma was wearing this restrictive...

Danger’s of Making Your Child Co-Owner of Your Assets

By: P. Glen Smith Granted, I've been preaching the message for decades and have a previous blog about placing your child on your accounts as a co-owner. But good folks just don't seem to understand the reason and importance of the message. An Estate Planning no-no is...

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