Elder Law

Elder Law typically is defined by those who need our assistance – older adults. The Lifescape team takes a holistic approach to elder law and elder care. Legal assistance is only one part of the assistance we offer in elder care. Our team incorporates the professional services from attorneys, long term care coordinators, and other public resources to create a plan tailored for each client’s needs.

As one ages, each person must consider the various options ahead regarding their life and care plans. This season of decision-making can be stressful for our clients and their families – we are here to lessen the stress. Elder law practitioners guide the client in a plan to address incapacity in the future, to assess the need for long term care, and to maintain one’s rights through it all. Our team provides guidance to families even before nursing assistance or care is needed.


The Lifescape team is here to lessen the stress older adults and their families experience as they determine the need for long term care in the future. As elder law practitioners, we are focused on maintain one’s rights throughout the process.

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