It’s Time to Prepare Your Financial Information

To bring yourself some piece of mind and to relieve your loved ones’ burdens in the future, you should prepare your financial information before you are no longer capable. It will ensure proper management of your financial situation and afford control over your end of life and legacy.

The Dangers of Adding Other to Your Account

Although it can be useful to have another party available to keep track of bills when you’re sick or away, adding a child’s name to a bank account may be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Doing so may have unintended consequences for both you and the child. First...

Home Health Care and Technology for Veterans

Recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has become a very unlikely and innovative pioneer in the quest to provide cost-effective, quality in-home care for veterans. Although the agency has long been mired in controversies surrounding its programs,...

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How to Prepare for Your Aging Parent’s Care

No matter the situation, preparation is crucial to providing care for an aging parent. Whether you need basic information about eldercare resources and services, are looking for a local agency to provide those services or have worries about legal documents or how to finance your parents' care needs now or in the future, the time to begin planning is today.

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Bad Reasons to Put Off Estate Planning

Bad Reasons to Put Off Estate Planning

My family and I don’t own much. Can’t we put off planning until we can afford it? You shouldn’t. It is crucial to give legal authority to a person of your choice, to care for your children if anything should happen to you. You don’t want your children to become wards...

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