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Family Caregiver Alliance – National Center on Caregiving Caregiver.org

Family Care Navigator – Offers information on services for residents of Missouri. Caregiver Resources in MO

Fidelity – Offers assistance to families caring for loved ones through aging, illness and disability. Caring for the Aging

Caregiver Action Network –The Caregiver Action Network works to improve the quality of life for the more than 90 million Americans who care for loved ones with chronic conditions, disabilities, disease, or the complications of old age. CaregiverAction.org

Additional resource library of videos and articles to help caregivers transition into the role and encourage them through challenging seasons of care. Family Caregiver Toolbox

AARP – The AARP website offers a wide range of resources regarding 55+, caregiving and aging in general.  AARP Caregiving Guide

Military Caregiving Guide

Prepare to Care Guide

Prepare to Care Guide – Spanish


Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia & Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s Association – Alzheimer’s Associated is dedicated to achieving a world without Alzheimer’s disease. Their work funds research to enhance care and support for all affected and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Alz.org

Online Resources for caregivers and those with Alzheimer’s Alz Resources

In-person support groups and online communities are available through the Alzheimer’s Association website based on location Alz Support Groups  

Facebook’s Kansas & Missouri Facebook Support Group KS MO Facebook Support Group


Parkinson’s Disease

Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research – The team at the Michael J. Fox Foundation aims to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease through funding research and ensuring the development of improved therapies. MichaelKFox.org

A Resource helping you create the best team have you and your family – Building a Care Team –  Building Care Team

Resources As We Age

Aging Life Care Association – The Experts in Aging Well – Formerly known as the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, ALCA is dedicated to creating and advocating for dignified social, psychological, and health care for the elderly and their families. AgingLifeCare.org

National Institute on Aging – Aging in Place has become the new buzz phrase especially in light of COVID and what is happening in senior living communities across the US.  This is a great resource about What is Aging in Place?  What do I need to know about Aging in Place?  Is Aging in Place an option for me?  How can I prepare now to Age in Place when the time comes? NIA – Aging Place & Growing Older at Home


Financial Protection As One Ages

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – The Financial Protection Bureau offers an easy to read booklet to help financial caregivers. Their resources give direction and guidance to those in the role of a fiduciary, trustee, guardian,  power of attorney, or personal representative. ConsumerFinance.org

End of Life Care

What To Do When A Loved One Dies – Handout A few practical tips and pointers for those winding up a loved one’s affairs and estate provided by the Lifescape Law team. What to Do When A Loved One Dies Checklist

American Hospice Foundation – The foundation closed in 2014. However, their remaining website is filled with helpful resources for caregivers, those experiencing grief, and those looking for more information about the various hospice services available. AmericanHospice.org

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City – FCA serves the community by keeping current information on the costs and services of funerals and cremations. They aim to educate and support those making informed decisions about death-related services, consistent with each person’s values and lifestyles. FuneralsKC.org


Center for Medicare Advocacy – The Center for Medicare Advocacy assists new and existing participants with the various Medicare programs. They introduce you to the basics of Medicare programs and can connect you to experts in more complex matters. MedicareAdvocacy.org


The Lifescape team is here to lessen the stress older adults and their families experience as they determine the need for long term care in the future. As elder law practitioners, we are focused on maintaining one’s rights throughout the process.

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