Life Care Planning

We are committed to helping individuals and families manage the challenges of aging, chronic illness, special needs and disability. We understand the complex issues facing families who have loved ones with special needs, disabilities, and older adults in the continuum of care.

As part of our holistic approach to designing your masterpiece lifescape, the Lifescape team delivers concierge-level life care planning and advocacy services to clients. Our experienced attorneys, care advocates and legal staff provide personalized guidance, education and support.  We aim to protect our clients by helping them remain independent for as long as possible and by ensuring they receive quality care and services that support and enhance their quality of life.

Life Care Planning Basics

Life Care Planning is a holistic approach to life and long-term care planning designed to address the emotional, physical, and financial challenges faced by families with aging seniors or loved ones with disabilities and special needs. Our goal is to help our clients remain safely independent for as long as possible, enhance their well-being, and help them and their families plan for the future. Life Care Planning begins with a thorough assessment of the individual and their care needs, living situation, lifestyle preferences,

and goals. Our advocates and attorneys then work together to create a customized life care plan, a Life Care Plan, designed to ease the burdens and uncertainties of aging and care by helping clients prepare for and meet their loved one’s ongoing needs. This drafted plan ensures the client that their ideals and wishes are thoroughly explored before a crisis occurs, as well as informs family members and loved ones of the client’s wishes as they navigate on the aging continuum. 

Life Care Plan Services

Our Life Care Planning Services are tailored to each client’s life, health and goals. We will work with you to find the perfect combination of services. 

  • Assist families address the emotional aspects of long-term care in light of the individual’s feelings and wishes
  • Assess needs and identifying the best resources for care
  • Identify ways to allow seniors to remain safely independent for as long as possible
  • Help families understand long-term care options & address the financial challenges of dealing with the costs of long-term care
  • Ensure proper legal documents are in place (e.g., Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Directives)
  • Utilize Medicaid and VA and asset protection planning when applicable
  • Identify strategies to preserve wealth and minimize taxes
  • Access public and private benefits
  • Arrange home care services and modifications
  • Coordinate moves to and between living communities
  • Monitor the quality of services provided & advocate for the best care
  • Find, obtain and determine methods to pay for good care
  • Coach individuals and families through Life Change and Transitions

Core Principals for a Life Care Plan

Ensure Quality Care & Safety

Present Options for Care

Create Solutions to Finance

Coach Through Life Change

The Core Principals of the Life Care Plan help us develop and implement the client’s unique plan. 

Determine Type of Care Needed to Ensure Quality Care & Safety

We help make sure that you or your loved one gets good care, whether that care is at home or outside the traditional home setting such as a residential facility or nursing home. This is the most important of all goals, for it goes to the very heart of your quality of life in your later years. Your Life Care Plan is focused first on your good health, safety, and well-being.

Research & Present Options for Proper Care

We help you make decisions relating to your health care, long-term care, and special needs. For most of our clients and their families, it is a comfort and a relief to realize that they always have a resource of experienced, supportive, knowledgeable, and objective advisors with them every step of the way.

Create Solutions to Finance Care

We help you find sources to pay for good care. We help protect and preserve the assets you have accumulated during a lifetime of hard work, thrifty behavior, and astute investment decision-making. We work with you through the maze of choices and options to find the best, or often, the most comfortable solution to the asset protection problem created by the need to pay for quality long-term care.

Coach Clients & Families Through Life Change

We partner with clients in Coaching Life Change – a growth-promoting relationship that elicits autonomous motivation, increases the capacity to change, and facilitates a change process through visioning, goal setting, and accountability, which at its best leads to sustainable change for the good.  Coaching is a partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and supports them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain, complex, and often overwhelming environment.

Our Team Advocates for All Aspects of Our Clients’ Well-Being

Physical – Our advocates help clients find and coordinate the right care and services, at home or in a residential facility, to maintain quality of life

Residential – Our goal is to help clients age safely at home for as long as possible. If and when more skilled care is needed, our team is here to help identify the best care options and assist with moves

Family – Our team will ease the worries of family members by being there to answer questions and concerns

Quality of Life – Our life care advocates will arrange for supplementary services such as arranging for home-cooked, healthy meals, and assistance so that the individual may continue to participate in family and community activities

Social & Emotional – Our team advocates for the emotional and social well-being of all of our life care clients, and we will help to arrange transportation and coordinate services as needed to sustain well-being

Legal – Our attorneys will help protect you, your family, and your assets, and will help you preserve wealth for future generations

Financial – Our team will work closely with your family, accountant and financial advisor to help you prepare and budget financially for the expenses associated with long-term care

Life Change Coaching

We believe that every person is created a Masterpiece, deserving of love, care, and connection.  Coaches honor the person (client) as the expert in his or her life and work and we believe every person has the potential to be creative and resourceful in order to fully self-actualize – Be Their Best Self.   A Life Care Coach is a person who fosters confidence, competence, courage, and self-awareness for the accomplishment of the client’s own personal goals or desired changes. A process-master whose two highest priorities are the client’s autonomy in all decisions and their 360° whole life well-being.

Your Life Care Plan will help you answer several questions:

  • What health care, chronic care, and long-term care services are available to me? How can I get the good care I need and desire, whether in I own home, in a residential community or assisted-living facility, in a family member’s home, or in a nursing home?
  • How will financial and health care decisions be made for me if I cannot make them for myself? Who can I rely on to make sure that the decisions to be made are the right ones?
  • If I can’t take care of myself, how will I make sure my spouse continues to have a good quality of life?
  • Do I have to spend all of my money on my care, whether in my home or in a residential care facility such as a nursing home? How can I protect my assets to take care of my spouse, to ensure I get good care, or to leave to my children

Crisis Assistance

The Lifescape team understands that life changes quickly. Our team stands ready to jump in and ease the burdens of families facing a crisis. We are committed to responding quickly and efficiently to the challenges that arise when a loved one’s health takes a turn for the worse. Our goal is to provide expert guidance and support so families may make informed decisions and have peace of mind knowing they are doing all that they can for their loved one.

Other Questions Answered Through the Life Care Planning Process

  • How do I assure my financial security?
  • What public benefits am I entitled to, and what do I have to do to qualify for them?
  • Should I rely on Medicaid or other government benefits to help pay for my care? How do I apply for benefits?
  • What kinds of insurance do I need? Should I buy long-term care insurance? Should I join a Medicare HMO?
  • How and when should I distribute my assets? Can I save taxes and avoid probate?
  • How do I provide for family members with special needs?
  • Your Life Care Plan can provide the road map that allows you to follow through to achieve your care and asset protection goals. And, if and when changes occur along the way our services are available every step of the way to help you shift to another road as it becomes necessary.
We work with families to determine a flat fee for our Life Care Plan services. Contact us to set up a consultation. 


The Lifescape team is here to lessen the stress older adults and their families experience as they determine the need for long term care in the future. As elder law practitioners, we are focused on maintaining one’s rights throughout the process.

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