Smith Elder & Business Law is now Lifescape Law & Development

Glad you stopped in to check us out! We are thrilled to take this next step to better serve our community in Kansas City. Since Smith Elder & Business Law, LLC opened, our team has served numerous families, business owners, and farmers – we truly believe our efforts in creating thoughtful estate plans is an act of service. And we want to continue loving and serving our neighbors, but in a more holistic way.

So, why are we making the change?

It’s simple – our mission to better serve and love each person is evolving. Our team is in a unique position to come alongside individuals and families as they navigate the complexity of planning for the future. Sadly, we see many families limited today by past choices and lifestyles.  Our firm does not merely create estate plans and assist with long term care planning. We also provide relevant workshops and resources to those wanting to grow and achieve a better life experience.

What is our Mission at Lifescape Law & Development?

We believe that every person was created to be loved and served.

Lifescape Law & Development helps you design a masterpiece lifescape.

Much like an artist creates a timeless landscape by carefully selecting the colors, manipulating textures, and incorporating light and depth to achieve a beautiful piece, we aim to help our clients design their own masterpiece lifescapes.

Each person’s life is comprised of basic elements – relationships, physical & mental health, career decisions, finances, spiritual experiences, and emotional abilities.  While the proportion and ingredients will vary from person to person, balance and a stunning design is the goal in everyone’s work of art.

Let us help you in your journey to design a masterpiece lifescape.